10 Best Brushless Vacuum Cleaners for Rugs

Looking for the best brushless vacuum for rugs?

These are the best brushless vacuum cleaners for cleaning out rugs.

Let’s take a look.

Best Brushless Vacuum Cleaners for Rugs in 2022

What is a brushless vacuum cleaner?

A brushless vacuum is an alternative type of vacuum that was created to address the problems with cordless vacuums.

Cordless vacuums (that were marketed as “cordless”) originally had a major problem in terms of longevity because they required frequent battery changes.

To compensate for this inconvenience (and to make them seem like they were worth the cost) manufacturers made them very low quality.

As technology improved cordless vacuums became more powerful and could hold a charge for longer periods of time; however they still had one major problem: their batteries died quickly because they were poorly designed. The motor would burn out after a year or two of use.

Brushless vacuums were created to solve this problem and they do so by having a battery that is much more efficient – the motor does not burn out as quickly – and can hold a charge for extended periods of time. The batteries are designed well enough so that it’s rare for them to die completely.

This is the main reason why brushless vacuums are more expensive than cordless vacuums; however they will last for years without issue so in the long run you’ll save money by purchasing a brushless vacuum.

Do Shark vacuums have brushless motors?

No. According to Shark’s website all of its vacuum cleaners are either bagged or bin-emptied. Shark is a company that manufactures upright vacuums. It also makes handheld vacuums robot vacuums and steam mops.

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