10 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Tile Floors

Looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaner for tile floors?

These are the best cordless vacuum cleaners to clean your tile floors.

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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Tile Floors in 2022

Can cordless vacuum cleaners be used on tile floors?

Many cordless vacuum cleaners come with interchangeable power packs one of which is a carpet cleaning head.

Tile floors can be very hard on the carpeting used to clean them because they are so abrasive and many tile floor experts recommend that people use a steam cleaner for tile floors rather than a rotating brush vacuum.

The question remains as to whether the powerful suction of a cordless vacuum cleaner is capable of performing on tile floors.

The short answer is yes but with some possible limitations.

The first problem that can arise when using a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean tile floors is that the battery may die after only one room or if you are cleaning for more than 20 minutes the battery may die after only half of the house has been cleaned.

Because you are not able to plug in your vacuum cleaner while you clean this means that you will either have to purchase an extra battery or stop cleaning at some point before having completed all of your rooms.

The second problem with using a cordless vacuum cleaner on tile floors is that the tile flooring itself may be too smooth for the vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt.

Tile floors are very hard on rugs or carpets which require some degree of texture to grip onto the floor and allow a rotating brush vacuum head to agitate dirt out of them before it can be suctioned away with powerful airflow.

Tile floors however are too smooth for this to occur.

For these reasons it may be best to use a steam cleaner on tile floors rather than the powerful rotating brush vacuum system found in many cordless vacuum cleaners.

Cordless steam mops are becoming more popular as steam is being used with increased frequency to clean tile floors.

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