10 Best Cordless Vacuums for Oriental Rugs

Looking for the best cordless vacuum for oriental rugs?

These are the best cordless vacuum cleaners for cleaning out your oriental rugs.

Let’s take a look.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Oriental Rugs in 2022

Can you vacuum clean an Oriental rug?

It is generally accepted that vacuuming any kind of rug be it Oriental or otherwise will cause damage. Therefore this question should be rephrased to ”is it possible to vacuum clean an Oriental rug in a way that does not cause damage?” The answer is yes and no:

Yes: It is possible to vacuum clean an Oriental rug without causing damage if the appropriate steps are taken.  However no: It will not be clean because vacuuming does not pick up dirt.

The first step is to get rid of as much dust from the rug prior to vacuuming as possible by shaking it outside or in a large trash bag.  

The next step is to vacuum only the sides of the rug not the top or bottom.  

To do this one needs a special attachment called an upholstery tool which looks like a long stick with a dusting brush on one end and a crevice tool on the other end. It is possible to buy an upholstery tool or make one using a wire hanger by bending it into the correct shape.  

When vacuuming push the rug against a wall to prevent the vacuum from sucking up the tassels at the ends of the rug (if any) and then run the upholstery tool along all four sides very carefully.

There are certain situations in which vacuuming may not be advised such as with delicate or antique rugs. If this is the case it is usually recommended that dry-cleaning methods should be used instead.  

However vacuums can damage some delicate fibers even more than dry-cleaning would.

Cotton wool silk and linen are all fibers that are usually damaged by dry-cleaning or vacuuming so extreme caution should be used when cleaning these types of rugs.

Do oriental rugs need to be cleaned?

Some people believe that oriental rugs especially those made from wool don’t need to ever be washed. Those people are wrong. Just as a good cleaning every now and then is important for your clothes or carpet at home it’s necessary with an oriental rug too.

At the same time you don’t want the rug to be washed with harsh chemicals that could damage the fibers.

All rugs should be inspected before going through a washing process.

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