10 Best Robot Vacuums With Automatic Dirt Disposal

Looking for the best robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal?

These are the best robot vacuum cleaners with automatic dirt disposal functionality to never have to worry about disposing of the dirt yourself. It does it on its own!

Let’s take a look.

Robot Vacuum With Automatic Dirt Disposal in 2022

Is Roomba automatic emptying worth it? Does it really save time?

Yes Roomba automatic emptying is definitely worth it because it will save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually cleaning it.

If you don’t know yet Roomba is the first smart home robot of its kind to turn household chores into playtime.

It automatically vacuums your floor for you and can even empty itself! There are some models like the iRobot Roomba 650 (link to Amazon) that come with an automatic waste bin emptying system.

This will save you the time you would otherwise spend vacuuming up after your robot when its job is done. That way you can spend more time doing other things instead of having to clean up your Roomba’s messes every time it cleans the floor.

Where does the dirt go in a robot vacuum?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a small robotic device that sweeps the floor and repeatedly picks up dirt dust debris etc.

A popular type of robot vacuum cleaner is Roomba robots made by iRobot (iRobot has many other products not related to vacuuming).

These devices operate independently. They will sense their environment and choose a path that minimizes the possibility of bumping into things while also covering the maximum possible floor area.

They have a small onboard computer that tells them where to go and they can recharge themselves when their battery gets low (supplied with power by an alternating current plug such as in a wall outlet).

Most robot vacuums come equipped with a dirt tray that allows you to remove the collected debris.

A common problem with robot vacuum cleaners is that they cannot tell the difference between their dirt tray and your floor (or carpet) so they can sometimes keep bumping into objects like walls coffee tables etc. trying to find their way out of them or back to their charging dock.

The tray slides out from the bottom of the robot vacuum for easy emptying.

While some models have a bag inside that automatically goes into your garbage when full others are more like an ordinary sweeper in that the dirt is collected directly into your trash bin.

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