10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Area Rugs

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for area rugs?

These are the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning your area rugs.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Area Rugs in 2022

Can vacuum cleaners be used on area rugs?

Yes you can use vacuum cleaners on area rugs providing that you follow a few guidelines.

To use vacuum cleaners on area rugs follow these steps:

  1. The vacuum is running and the rug is pushed into the suction only where the wheels of your vac will touch it.
  2. The vacuum cleaner is turned off and the rotating brush will gently pull the rug into the suction.
  3. Make sure that your area rugs are secured or anchored to a non-carpeted surface using rubber furniture bumpers felt pads for chair legs etc. This reduces wear on both the carpet pile and backing from the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Make sure that the size of the vacuum head is appropriate for your particular rug. A too large or heavy vacuum head can damage fragile thin or loosely woven rugs.
  5. If you are vacuuming a hooked wool rug use extreme care when pulling the vacuum back toward you – do not backwards “shuffle” or drag the rug across the floor. You can monitor your progress by feeling the pile of the carpet with your hand. If it is hooked you will not be able to pull it back in a straight line – there will always be some “give.”
  6. Check to make sure that all of your brushes are clean before vacuuming rugs or carpets.
  7. Do not vacuum over glue-down carpet without consulting with the manufacturer of your particular glue down carpeting system. The heat from the rotating brush can damage these carpets. You should consult with a professional rug cleaner for this type of cleaning. However it is safe to use vacuums on Berber and Saxony carpets.
  8. Do not vacuum wet or damp areas of your rugs without first checking with your rug’s manufacturer. If you own an Oriental rug never vacuum it while it is still wet. When hung to dry the weight of the carpet will stretch the foundation and cause loose warps or fringes.
  9. To protect your investment do not use a vacuum with a beater bar on any Oriental rug. The heat and agitation can damage the foundation.
  10. If you own an Oriental rug and want to clean it yourself always call in a professional rug cleaner who is specially trained in cleaning that particular type of rug.

Does vacuuming ruin rugs?

Vacuuming harms most carpets; however the type of vacuum cleaner may affect how much damage is done.

If you’ve ever watched someone using a large commercial vacuum cleaner on an oriental rug you probably noticed that the rug very quickly became threadbare in places where it was repeatedly vacuumed.

This is because the types of carpet that are most sensitive to vacuum cleaner damage have yarns in them that are tightly twisted together. The twister used in these carpets actually cuts off the ends of the yarn so this type of pile does not ravel when cut.

When you run one of these rugs over with a commercial vacuum cleaner the powerful suction of the machine pulls on the yarn ends so hard that they get cut off even more.

In response your carpet ages quickly in these places and shed its outer layer of fibers. You can run a similar test at home by dragging a comb through a dense rug. If you see lots of little fibers stuck to the comb this is a sign that your vacuum cleaner is damaging the rug.

Types of carpets that are sensitive to damage by a commercial vacuum cleaner include area rugs with tightly twisted yarns and many cut pile carpets. If you use a more gentle vacuum cleaner on these rugs regularly you’ll keep them looking good for much longer.

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