10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Bad Back

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for a bad back?

These are the best vacuum cleaners for a bad painful back that hurts whenever you try to vacuum your home.

Let’s take a look.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Bad Back in 2022

What is the best vacuum for someone with a bad back?

Elderly people with limited mobility may benefit from the use of an upright or canister vacuum. Many designs allow you to recline your body when using the machine which often requires less bending over than handling a stick-type unit. This reduces the risk of straining your back.

Optionally select a vacuum with an adjustable handle that can be used in different positions for maximum ergonomic benefit. The height of the vacuum’s handle can also impact its usage comfortability.

The brush-roll on some upright models is easily disabled when you use the machine on bare floor surfaces which may be beneficial to some elderly users especially those that suffer from neuropathy. This reduces the chances of getting their feet caught in the spinning brush-roll.

Most people with mobility issues prefer vacuums that are lightweight and offer good maneuverability. The vacuum should also have a large collection bin so emptying it is not excessively difficult or time-consuming for the elderly person.

For homes with carpeting choose a vacuum equipped with an adjustable suction control dial to match the right amount of suction to your carpet surface type. Higher settings are best used on deep pile carpets while lower settings should be sufficient for low-pile or bare floors.

Built-in attachments are useful for elderly people with a bad back because they don’t have to worry about storing or using additional attachments. Accessories such as crevice tools upholstery nozzles and dusting brushes allow you to clean narrow openings and hard-to-reach areas.

Large rear wheels can also help your vacuum cleaner navigate over small obstacles that may be difficult for you to move such as pet toys and shoes.

Finally check if the vacuum has a long cord and comfortable grip on the handle.

A longer cord helps reduce the number of times you have to change plug sockets when cleaning larger areas reducing the number of times you have to bend over in one session.

How do you vacuum with a bad back?

If you have a bad back the last thing you want to do is hurt it even more by vacuuming. You can use four simple techniques to vacuum with your bad back and protect yourself from pain.

First adjust the height of your vacuum cleaner so that it is about a foot taller than the tallest part of your body. If you are short set it even higher.

Second make sure your vacuum cleaner is not too heavy. If you have a bad back and cannot lift things easily try to find a lightweight vacuum cleaner that does not require any assembly. You can also use a shop vac instead of a standard upright or canister vacuum. Just remember that the hose will be heavier so be sure to lift from the cleaner’s carrying handle and not the hose.

Third adjust your vacuum cleaner wand to a comfortable length. Remember that if you are short you will have to bend over more when cleaning stairs or walls. To make it easier on your back do not bend over as far or for as long. You may need to shorten your cleaning radius and do more frequent cleanings.

Fourth never use the vacuum cleaner’s hose itself as a handle. Instead hold the wand or carrying handle with one hand and control the machine with your other hand. If you must vacuum stairs – remember that it is better to go up and down the stairs only once than to try to do it in two trips.

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