10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Chalk Dust

Looking for the best vacuum for chalk dust?

These are the best vacuum cleaners to clean chalk dust that you typically find in tournaments etc.

Let’s take a look.

Best Vacuum for Chalk Dust in 2022

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Can we vacuum cleaner chalk dust? Or is there a better way to do it?

Yes you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean out spilled chalk dust. However there are several things you should consider before you do this.

First what type of chalk were you using? If it was oil-based chalks (like sidewalk chalk or children’s chalk — NOT writing chalk that adults use) then the dust will be oily and messy.

You need to wipe up these spills with paper towels or some other absorbent material rather than vacuum them up. However if you already did this then feel free to use the vacuum cleaner.

Second what type of floors or carpet are you cleaning?

If your floor or carpet is washable (waterproof) then you can clean it with some water and a mop. This will help to remove any of the chalk dust that remains and also give you a clean floor.

If your floor is not washable (not waterproof) then you need to be very careful about using the vacuum cleaner over it.

Not only will it suck up some of the dust but if there were water on the floor already then it will have also sucked up some of that.

This means that you will probably leave a big mess behind you as the dust and water mixes with each other in the vacuum cleaner canister or bag.

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