10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Mites

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for dust mites?

These are the best vacuum cleaners to clean or remove out dust mites from your fabric furniture (couches chairs) and carpets.

Let’s take a look.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Mites in 2022

Can vacuum cleaners remove dust mites?

Scientists have found that HEPA filter vacuum cleaners can remove 75% of the dust mite allergen Der p 1 from carpets.

The best way to use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is by first using another type of vacuum cleaner with regular paper bags or foam cartridges then using the HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to get rid of the allergens that escaped through the cracks and crevices.

This is why your best bet for removing dust mites might be to encase your mattresses pillows box springs and upholstered furniture in mite-proof covers. These can prevent you from bringing dust mites inside and prevent old ones from getting out.

If you want to get rid of the ones that are already in your house experts recommend keeping humidity below 50 percent by using air conditioners or dehumidifiers. Try vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner at least once a week to reduce allergens for people with allergies.

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