10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Frieze Carpet

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet?

These are the best vacuum cleaners that you can use to clean your frieze carpet in 2022.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Frieze Carpet in 2022

What is a frieze rug and can I clean a frieze rug using a vacuum cleaner?

A frieze rug is a type of carpet that is distinguished by its short and plush pile. The “frieze” name derives from the French word “frise” which means curly or woolly.

If you have a frieze carpet then you have a thick carpet with a very dense pile. These types of rugs are often made using synthetic fibers especially nylon or polyester. They are also available in wool.

These types of rugs have a very long pile on them that is tightly interwoven which makes them easy to clean with just a vacuum cleaner. You don’t need special equipment to maintain the quality of your frieze rug.

A frieze carpet is different than other types of rugs like shags or berbers because its fibers are kept closely under control not hanging loose or falling out. The pile on a frieze rug is also shorter but it still has the same amount of texture and plushness that any other type of rug would have.

This is why frieze rugs are more difficult to clean using vacuums without the rotating brush of an upright but simple vacuuming with a canister or handheld vacuum will do.

You shouldn’t use an upright with one on account of the risk of hurting the rug and also stirring up the fibers which would lead to a loss of fluffiness and a more worn look over time.

If you do though or if your frieze rug starts to shed and lose its plushness then it might be better to get it cleaned professionally. This is because there are still some rotating brush upright vacuums that can clean a frieze rug without ruining it.

The best way to maintain the quality of a frieze carpet is just to vacuum frequently and spot clean when necessary. If you catch any stains early then they will be much easier to treat and remove before they set in and do permanent damage.

If you’re not sure how your frieze rug should be cleaned then you should check along the fringes for any loose fibers that might be shedding. If there are none then you can just vacuum as usual.

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