10 Best Vacuums for Rubber Gym Floors

Looking for the best vacuum for rubber gym floor?

These are the best vacuum cleaners for rubber gym floor cleaning.

Let’s take a look.

Best Vacuum for Rubber Gym Floor in 2022

What is the best way to clean rubber gym flooring?

Rubber floors are not intended to be vacuum-cleaned with a common household vacuum cleaner.

They don’t get deep cleaned and you will get bad results if you use an ordinary vacuum cleaner brush roller system on rubber floors. For this reason one should not be using such cleaning equipment on rubber flooring; simply because the long-term effects of it will be the wearing away of the rubber.

The better option is to purchase a floor cleaning machine that is specifically designed for rubber floors as this will remove dirt dust and other forms of contaminants from the surface of your rubber flooring without damaging it in any way.

Contact your manufacturer for advice on what kind of machines they endorse for use on their rubber flooring.

As far as vacuuming is concerned it would be better to sweep the floors with a soft broom or mop; this will remove loose dirt and particles from the surface of your rubber floor.

If you wish to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose ensure that the suction end of the device does not come into contact with the flooring as that will damage any machine or object it makes contact with.

Also you need to take into account how powerful your vacuum cleaner is and whether it has a brush roller system feature because if it does then this will be a problem for rubber floors.

Spend a little time sweeping up all loose dirt from the surface of your rubber flooring; this will make it easier to pick up with the vacuum cleaner and that in turn will save you time.

You need to follow all of these guidelines when cleaning rubber floors because they are far more delicate than hard flooring types such as ceramic tiles or vinyl planks.

How do you clean rubber stall mats at the gym?

Many people who work out in gyms will use rubber stall mats for various exercises.

These mats are designed to provide a comfortable surface to exercise on while also protecting the person exercising from injury on the hard floor beneath them. They are often placed over tiles or other solid surfaces but some gyms have carpeted areas available where these mats can be used.

However after time the mats can become very dirty and may begin to smell.

To clean these mats simply mix together one part water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray both sides of the mat liberally using this mixture. Let sit for approximately five minutes then wipe down both sides of the mat using either rags or a pressure washer.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse the area with water after you have used this mixture to clean rubber stall mats and allow them to dry fully before using them again.

This will ensure that there is no vinegar smell remaining on the mat itself or any lingering vinegar in the fibers of your carpet if you are cleaning one placed over a carpeted area.

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