Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner Bags – Top 10 Picks

Looking for the cheapest vacuum cleaner bags?

After tons of research we’ve put together a list of the cheapest vacuum cleaner bags that you’ll find on Amazon.

Not only are these the cheapest vacuum cleaner bags but they’re also the top or highest rated.

Let’s take a look.

10 Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner Bags

We didn’t pick them according to a specific vacuum cleaner model we only looked at the pricing and the rating of each vacuum cleaner bag.

1. EnviroCare Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Made to fit Kenmore Canister Type C or Q 50555 50558 50557 and Panasonic Type C-5

This is the cheapest vacuum cleaner bag I could find on Amazon so I’m listing here at the number one spot because of that.

Here’s what a happy user has to say about it.

Love the value of this package. I have bought these from Amazon before and have been very pleased with the quality of the bags and how well they fit into my vacuum cleaner. The bags that they sell at Sears are ridiculously expensive and really are the exact same thing unless you are that person who buys the fabric ones in a pack of two for $20 from Sears which to me is just insane. I have three dogs and two cats and I literally run the sweeper daily. These bags are wonderful and the price for the quality is the best that you will find! I have added these as a subscription so I do not need to remember to re-order!

A Happy User

2. Compact / Tristar Vacuum Cleaner Bags (12 pk)

These work perfectly for my canister back pack vacuum. Easy to replace and install made out of very durable and thick material. Great fit and seal. Highly recommend.

A Happy User

This one is the second cheapest vacuum cleaner bag on this list which could change in the future but at the time of writing this it’s the second cheapest one.

3. Hoover Platinum Type-Q HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Part 902419001 for Upright UH30010COM Pack of 2 AH10000 2 Count

I have the Hoover Commercial Lightweight HEPA Filter vacuum cleaner and it takes a dedicated vacuum bag that’s hard to find and when you do manage to find them they’re very expensive.

These Type-Q HEPA Filter bags look real and work well slotting easily in to the vacuum. While these are still not inexpensive one bag lasts me around 10 months (and I vacuum every 2 days) so it’s pretty economical for a true HEPA FILTER bag.

You install the bag and forget about it until it fills up to the mark on the bag. I will be buying more replacement bags as needed.

A Happy User

4. Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Type FJM Genuine (Air Clean) Replacement S241-S256i S290-S291 S300i-S399 S500-S578 S700-S758 S4000-S4999 S6000-S6999

I absolutely love my Miele vacuum and these vacuum cleaner bags. I am very sensitive to dust and these bags take the dust out of the equation when emptying the vacuum. I should have switched from a bagless canister vacuum to this product long ago. I believe it’s so worth the cost because I don’t end up coughing with itchy eyes.

A Happy User

5. Oreck Odor Fighting Hypo-Allergenic PKBB12OF Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Very pleased with these bags for my small Oreck vacuum. They look to be genuine Oreck bags as indicated in the product information. They are the thick allergen capturing style bags. The local vacuum shop sells this same package of bags for about $30.

Very pleased – will buy again!

A Happy User

6. Oreck Type CC Anti-Allergen Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Full suction with this one with better filtration and less dust. Doesn’t reduce vacuum suction like pink HEPA?

A Happy User

7. Oreck Genuine Odor Fighting HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags

For Magnesium Upright

This one is a bit tricky. It’s one of the cheapest vacuum cleaner bags which was the aim for this post but the reviews aren’t that attractive for this one. You may want to read them first before you consider buying this cheap vacuum cleaner bag.

Then if you feel like you’re not concerned with what issue they’re highlighting feel free to order one yourself.

8. Miele 10123210 AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bag

Type GN 4 Bags & 2 Filters

I’ve owned a Miele for a few years and while it sounds crazy to sing the praises of a vacuum cleaner I must. I originally got it because I was sick of the jet-engine ear-piercing sound of cheaper canister vacs – I love how quiet it is. Over the years I am continually amazed at how stuffed the bag can get with no reduction in suction – believe it or not (because I’ve never had the bag-change warning light go off either) I get reminded to change the bag because I sense the vacuum is heavier than normal ! When I do the bag is always so stuffed it is hard to remove – yet it can be removed without emitting any dust or debris or tearing like paper bags. AND as I said it still has great suction in such a state.

All in all just a fantastic piece of engineering – albeit a pricey one.

I bought a Miele dishwasher because I was so impressed with the vacuum and that has been a joy as well. Essentially silent and cleans everything much better than its predecessors – I never even knew how much cleaner and spot-free things could be (I’m in NYC with great water supply – no need to use its built-in salt water softening feature). And it’s an 18″ model to fit my apartment. Holds an amazing amount.

A Happy User

Fun fact?

You can even use these to make COVID-19 masks! ???? As this user reports.

9. HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags

For Kenmore Canister Vacuums 6 Pack Fits Kenmore Vacuum Bags Type Q/C Fits Models 50557 50558

I never really thought of writing a review for a vacuum cleaner bag before but I think this one deserves some attention. I used to use the standard non-hepa filter bags. After a few vacuums around my pet hair ridden home it stank like dirty feet mixed with sweaty ass every time we turned the vacuum on.

Once I tried these filters that has never again been a problem.

A Happy User

10. DVC Green Double Wall Type CC Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Compatible With Oreck XL Upright

Before ordering these I looked online at the Oreck website and the only bags they sold that fit my Oreck Classic XL upright included bags for an Oreck hand held vacuum as well as part of a bundle deal. So I’d essentially get 3 bags I actually needed for the upright and 3 I didn’t.

Considering I don’t own a handheld Oreck and I couldn’t buy these bags separately from Oreck online directly I turned to Amazon and found these. They work just fine and I found the price much more reasonable on Amazon than from other sites

A Helpful Review

Questions about Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Can You Empty and Reuse a Vacuum Bag?

Yes you can empty and re-use an old vacuum cleaner bag. However if you use a new one that’s obviously a lot better and safer as you’ll not keep on using the same old filled with germs vacuum cleaner bag.

Ideally you can use an old vacuum cleaner bag once or twice after using it the first time. Do not re-use it for longer than that otherwise you or a family member may get sick.

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