How to Disinfect or Sanitize a Vacuum Cleaner

Want to know how to disinfect a vacuum cleaner? When a member of your family is sick and touches the vacuum cleaner using this method will ensure that other members of your family will not be infected.

Moreover it is recommended that you disinfect or sanitize your vacuum in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure there are no germs left in case someone brought some germs into the house from outside.

How to Disinfect or Sanitize a Vacuum Cleaner

Things You’ll Need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A piece of cotton or cloth to rub and disinfect your vacuum cleaner

Let’s Disinfect Your Vacuum Cleaner

  1. First turn it off and lay down the vacuum on a table or a straight surface.
  2. Grab a cotton piece and apply some isopropyl alcohol to it.
  3. Rub the cotton across the handle of your vacuum cleaner where we hold it from.
  4. Repeat if necessary or once is probably enough if you do this on a daily basis.

Voila! Your vacuum cleaner handle is now free of any harmful germs. Let’s now disinfect or sanitize the rest of the recommended area of your vacuum.

For vacuum cleaner bottom disinfection soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and then rub it over the entire surface.

In addition to disinfecting your vacuum this will dry instantly. The bottom of the vacuum cleaner travels the most (next to the inside of the canister or bag) and is the dirtiest part. If this sounds over the top the bottom should be disinfected regularly because it travels all over your house.

I’ll give you an example based on a real vacuum cleaner if you’re still not convinced. The whole family of a student I had (when I taught) got stomach flu every week. For more than a month this went on.

The doctors finally found out what was going on. The carpet had been infected with sickness and cleaning had been done but every time they vacuumed germs would stir up and they kept getting infected.

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