How to Dispose of an Old Vacuum Cleaner

Want to dispose of your old vacuum cleaner? Here are six ways you can get rid of it and dispose of your vacuum properly without breaking any laws.

Consider a Vacuum Repair

Consider whether a vacuum cleaner is still usable before deciding whether to discard it. In some cases just performing a thorough vacuum clean will resolve common issues (like lost suction). We would be wasting our money to discard an appliance that has still been perfectly usable by another family or individual. Once you have fixed it if you are still interested in replacing it with a new model you can proceed to our next idea.

Donate to Someone Needy

Learn how to dispose of vacuum cleaner models by donating them if your old unit still works. If possible see if any family or friends have an old vacuum that still works. To avoid wasting your vacuum we recommend you contact your local charity or thrift store. You can contact organizations such as these:

Give It to a Repair Shop

You may want to contact a local vacuum repair and sale shop if your vacuum does not work anymore. You can see if your unit can be repaired and resold by an employee through their shop. If the store decides to use parts of the unit it may dismantle the unit. In either case you can be sure it will be handled by a professional.

Get a Discount for It

In exchange for a discount some retailers will take back broken household appliances. You can also ask if they have a trade-in/discount program if you plan on purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. The deal may not be available in all stores but you might save a few dollars when purchasing a new unit.

Get It Recycled Locally

It is probably wisest to recycle vacuum cleaner units that are no longer working. A vacuum should not simply be thrown away with your garbage as this is cruel and environmentally unsound. In certain areas it may also be illegal to do so. Plastic and metal make up the main components of most vacuum cleaners. In this way most old units can be recycled in their entirety.

The following options are most likely available at recycling centers when it comes to shipping and/or handling:

  • Free curbside collection
  • Personal drop-off
  • Free or paid haul-away

You can also look into the recycling programs offered by some large retailers such as Best Buy. Whether you need a vacuum cleaner recycled near you or you need to recycle your vacuum cleaner try searching online using search terms such as “recycle vacuum cleaner near me”.

Do Some DIY Projects with It

You can also learn how to dispose of vacuum cleaners in a creative way. For example you can make industrial-style furniture out of old vacuum cleaners or make cool Halloween costumes from them. Your vacuum can be repurposed into something beautiful in an infinite number of ways.

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