Dyson Vacuum Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix It!

Sometimes your Dyson vacuum won’t turn on…

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not turning on or has switched off suddenly and not turning on again follow these steps and it’ll be up and working once again.

To kick things off make sure your socket is working in the first place. Get something that you are sure that works and if it didn’t the problem would be with your socket.

If it didn’t work check your circuit breaker or call a qualified electrician if you can’t proceed further yourself.

Check your Dyson’s fuse first and only replace it with a brown 13A fuse if an electrical problem has been ruled out in your home. You will blow the smaller fuse immediately if you replace it and lead yourself down the wrong path.

Admittedly the correct fuse blowing is quite rare unless the motor has failed.

Usually machines overheat and stop working because of overheating. It is best to leave the vacuum cleaner off for 30 minutes before turning it back on. Check the filters and blockages if your power comes back on after an hour. Suction problems can be fixed by visiting our page on suction problems.

In cases where the vacuum cleaner switches off and then on every few seconds it indicates that the cable is malfunctioning and a hole will eventually be caused (sometimes a large hole) DO NOT USE the vacuum until it has been repaired.

This means that if it switches on and off every few seconds then it has a serious electrical problem. If the filter or blockage is blocking the fan it will shut off and not turn back on for at least half an hour.

A broken cable inside the vacuum cleaner can cause the vacuum to cut in and out quickly. This occurs usually when you plug in the main cable. Replacing the whole cable is the best solution.

Whenever you have to switch the cable while wiggling the carpet it’s better to not do so. Would being shocked be worth it for the last bit of carpet we need to install?

The mains cable causes 90% of the time the switch causes 9% and the motor internal cable or the thermal cutout causes the other 1%.

The chance is that the motor of your vacuum has failed if a strong burning smell preceded the loss of power.

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