184 Funny Roomba Names You MUST See!

Looking for some funny names for your Roomba vacuum cleaner? Here are some 184 funny Roomba names you can give to your favorite robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. Dusty
  2. Not a Toaster
  3. Robocop
  4. Undercover Roomba (If you have any other brand than a Roomba)
  5. Cookie monster
  6. Mr Robot (From the series Mr Robot)
  7. Butter (Robot from Rick and Morty who is sad because its only purpose in “life” is to passing butter)
  8. R2D2 (Skywalkers robot in Star Wars)
  9. Alfred (Your butlers name for your Batcave)
  10. Sucky
  11. Dustin
  12. Consuela (Cleaning lady from Family Guy)
  13. Wall-e
  14. Will Smiff
  15. Minesweeper
  16. Gonk droid
  17. Kraken (Yell “Release the Kraken!” next time you want it to clean)
  18. Snuffy
  19. Kylo Roomba (Star Wars reference)
  20. Sir sweeps a-lot
  21. Cat Car
  22. Roblox (Like the game)
  23. Jarvis (Ironman reference)
  24. Floorida
  25. Murderbot
  26. Robot Downey Jr. (Ironman reference)
  27. Snoop Boop
  28. Daredevil (Marvel superhero reference)
  29. Willy Roomba
  30. Bumper Thumper
  31. Bouncy Bot
  32. Hairy / Harry (Because hair always get stuck to it)
  33. Marilyn Monrobot
  34. Pac Man
  35. Samuel L. Vacson
  36. Sucky McSuckface
  37. Sweepy
  38. Roberto
  39. Sir Cleansalot
  40. Morty (Rick and Morty reference)
  41. The Grim Sweeper
  42. Shitweasel
  43. Wall-E
  44. Muncher
  45. HILFE (flight attendant in Wolf Of Wall Street)
  46. LowRider
  47.  Steve McClean
  48. Vlad the Inhaler
  49. Roundabout
  50. R2Dirt2
  51. Attack-Vac
  52. Minion
  53. RoboMop
  54. C3P0
  55. Catcar
  56. Mr. Meeseeks (Rick and Morty reference)
  57. Dustbin Timberlake
  58. Katniss Everclean
  59. Obi-Wan Cleanobi
  60. Cleanopatra
  61. Sir Vacsalot
  62. Optimus Prime
  63. R2-D2
  64. C-3PO
  65. B-9
  66. Robby the Robot
  67. Gort
  68. Stepford (Stepford Wives)
  69. Wall-E
  70. The Iron Giant
  71. Marvin the paranoid android
  72. Roy Batty
  73. Maria/Futura
  74. Tom Servo / Crow T. Robot
  75. The Sentinels
  76. T-800
  77. Ultron
  78. Cmdr Data
  79. Number 6
  80. Johnny 5
  81. Robo-Cop
  82. Major Motoko Kusanagi
  83. Daleks
  84. Hal-9000
  85. Kitt
  86. GlaDOS
  87. Mr Roombastic
  88. Roomie
  89. Roombug
  90. Dj Roomba
  91. Ruby
  92. Shroomba
  93. Puumba
  94. Roombo (Rambo reference)
  95. Rover
  96. Roompa Loompa
  97. Roombati
  98. Rambo-bot
  99. Roswell
  100. Rosie

Funny Roomba Celebrity Names

Want a celebrity to come and clean your house for you? We have you covered! ????

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Leonardo
  3. Johnny Depp
  4. Dustin’ Bieber
  5. Will Smith
  6. Matt Damon
  7. Julia Roberts
  8. Charlie Chaplin
  9. Madonna
  10. J-Lo
  11. Beyoncé
  12. Jay-Z
  13. Kim Kourtney or Khloe
  14. Mila
  15. Ashton
  16. Angelina
  17. Reese
  18. Whoopi
  19. Zooey

Famous Robot Names

Here are some classic and famous robot names you can name your Roomba vacuum cleaner.

  1. Rosie
  2. Optimus Prime
  3. Wall-E
  4. Hal (9000)
  5. T-1000
  6. Megatron
  7. Gort
  8. Eve
  9. Voltron
  10. M3 Model B9
  11. Kitt
  12. Marius
  13. DJ Roomba

Cute Animal Names for your Roomba

We all love ourselves some cute animal pets. But if you don’t have one why not call your Roomba vacuum your animal pet name?

  1. Buster
  2. Mittens
  3. Daisy
  4. Lola
  5. Luna
  6. Bronco
  7. Hershey
  8. Malibu
  9. Nico
  10. Otis
  11. Rufus
  12. Lilly
  13. Spot
  14. Fido
  15. Lassie
  16. Shaggy
  17. Willow

Some Character Names for your Roomba

Every one of us has a favorite book or TV character. It just makes sense to name our robot after some of these favorite characters doesn’t it?

  1. Talos
  2. Homer
  3. Atticus
  4. Ace
  5. Gandalf
  6. Hagrid
  7. Obi-Wan
  8. The Dude
  9. Avengers (any by name)
  10. Harry Potter (entire cast included)
  11. Captain Ahab
  12. Forrest Gump
  13. E.T.
  14. Rambo
  15. Jeeves
  16. Alfred
  17. Geoffrey
  18. Wilfred
  19. Jedi

Some Random Funny Roomba Names

  1. Frankenstein
  2. Tik-Tok
  3. Maxon
  4. RUR
  5. Zat
  6. Cutie
  7. Speedy
  8. Sir Cleans-A-Lot
  9. Bristle
  10. Predator
  11. The Machine
  12. Monkey
  13. Abmoor
  14. Cat Carrier
  15. Bot
  16. “That fangled contraption sweeping thingy”

It is apparent that the options are almost endless. The names of celebrities to actual robots. Any name you like can be given to your Roomba.

When a cleaning cycle needs to be done even if guests are over you just have to be willing to say so.

What is the name of your Roomba? Is it funny or exotic?

We would love to hear what name you use and any others we might have missed. Please let us know in the comments section.

Do Roomba’s comes with names?

It is also necessary to name your Roomba since they don’t have names installed. Nevertheless this can be done very easily. A name will already be asked of you during the installation process.

Names for Roombas are up to you. You might not be able to name the robot but it will become a part of your daily life more easily by getting a name. Furthermore robots will likely appear in more and more homes in the coming years so we can do much better by naming them.

Is your Roomba vacuum a boy or girl?

Roombas are girls because they are designed and have ‘a’ endings. The last part intrigues me because of the way it is designed and the shape it takes on. The obvious assumption is that if a robot has female features you will think that it is female; however is a Roomba considered a female since it ends in the letter ‘a’?

Are there any names I should not name my robot vacuum?

Nope. There are almost no limits to what can be done. The name of your robot vacuum can be as complicated long dirty and long again until a limit is reached.

The trick is to make your robot vacuum’s name as simple as possible; otherwise it will be more difficult to get it right by Google Assistant or Alexa.
If I owned a robot vacuum I wouldn’t call it “Mr. Frank4A5>671.098”.

Can I rename my Roomba’s name?

The Roomba can always be renamed here’s how you do it:

  1. You must connect your Roomba to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Your Roomba app should be on the home screen.
  3. A bubble with three dots should appear that says “More”.
  4. Select “Settings”.
  5. You’re now able to type anything you want under your Robot Name.

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