How to Remove Hair from Carpet Without Vacuum

Want to remove hair from your carpet without using a vacuum? Here are nine tips on how you can remove both human and pet hair from your carpet without needing to use a vacuum cleaner in case you don’t have one lying around.

Use Packaging Tape

Using packaging tape is a simple way to remove pet hair or hair stuck to your carpet when you are spot cleaning. It makes it easier to pick up stray hairs that wouldn’t be easy to do by hand due to its light adhesiveness.

To repair the carpet fibers apply packaging tape firmly. Lift it up and the hair and fur will come off.

Or Maybe Use a Fabric Softener?

It can keep the hair from sticking to the carpet just like a fabric softener can keep your clothes from sticking together. Easy and quick to implement.

In a spray bottle combine lukewarm water with a few drops of fabric softener and squirt the mixture on the carpet. It will help loosen the hairs so they can be removed more easily in the future.

After that to collect the hair you have many classic options. One of them is to simply use your hand and pick up the hair and throw it away. Secondly you could use a broom to clean up the area from hair.

Hand-brushing your carpet is another way to remove hair from it. It takes a long time and is painful but it provides great results. As long as your carpet has been addressed for hair removal you should be able to clean it efficiently.

You can use dryer sheets to achieve the same result if you don’t have a fabric softener. They will create static that will pull the hair out of your carpet so it can be removed by brushing or vacuuming.

You Could Also Try a Carpet Rake

You can also use a carpet rake to remove stubborn carpet hair. A garden rake isn’t exactly what you’ll need.

An alternative is to buy carpet cleaning products. We can achieve both efficacy and gentleness with this.

Thin bristles made from metal nylon or rubber penetrate the carpet fibers and remove hair from them.

The carpet rake and broom are the same but they’re used on carpets. You will literally feel like you’re combing through the hair of your carpet.

Investing in a rug rake and keeping it on hand for frequent use can be a good idea if you have a lot of hair on your carpet.

Use a Rubber Grooming Brush or Glove

Rubber dog grooming gloves or brushes work great for removing pet hair from the carpet. In addition to working against loose hair on your dog’s coat these products are also effective on short-haired cats.

It is easy to collect and draw up hair using rubber bristles. If used gently using them on carpets shouldn’t be an issue.

The Kong Zoom Groom could be a good match for your needs. Designed for carpet cleaning it is easy to hold and effective in getting rid of tough hair caught in your carpet thanks to its rubber bristles and comfort-grip handle.

Grooming gloves for pets are another option with gel-covered silicone balls used to draw up hair as you wear the glove.

You can also use rubber gloves for cleaning. Remove any hair from your carpet by rinsing with soap and water and brushing your hand over the carpet.

Or Perhaps a Rubber Broom?

If your carpet has pesky hairs you can also use a rubber broom to remove them. Similar to a standard broom these products clean your carpet with rubber bristles that grab and collect hair and dirt better than your vacuum cleaner.

Pet hair and other particles can also be removed using these tools specifically hardwood.

The Evriholder FURemover may also be a good option for you.

You Could Also Use a Squeegee

You can use a shower squeegee instead of a rubber broom if you don’t have one on hand as the rubber edges can be used to gather and pick up hair.

It will be easier for you to squeegee from a standing position if you have an attachment that extends over the rod of your squeegee. Squeegees with handles also work.

As you go you can use your squeegee to remove each hair from your carpet or the area where it collects.

You can remove the hair from the squeegee using soap and water.

Also Try a Steam Clean

You can steam clean your carpet every few months if you have a chronic hair problem as steam cleaning removes dirt bacteria and odors from your carpet.

If you steam clean your carpet regularly it can become quite costly to hire a professional.

As an alternative consider investing in your own steam cleaner and using it whenever necessary.

When looking for the best home steam cleaner you may want to consider the Ivation 1800W Canister Steam Cleaner.

The hair mess on your carpet can be easily tamed with a little effort. Make sure that you use these methods consistently in order to prevent much hair accumulation.

Apply Some Baking Soda to Remove Hair

In addition to its use as a carpet deodorizer baking soda helps to remove dirt and hair in carpets as well.

You can use a broom or your foot to rub the baking soda into your carpet a bit.

Then let it sit for a few minutes and pick up the hair to throw them away.

Rub a Balloon on your Carpet

Rub anything with a static charge on your carpet such as a dryer sheet or a balloon. However this method will only work with small pet hair and not long human hair as human hair is usually heavier than pet hair.

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