Roomba 675 vs. 692 (Which Is Better?)

Confused between the Roomba 675 vs 692? Don’t be! We’re here to help clear things up.

There are numerous similarities between the two Roombas. There isn’t much difference between the two, in fact.

From the pictures, it is not immediately apparent, but the grey semi-circle above the CLEAN button on the Roomba 675 is actually a handle that you can lift. Due to the lack of mapping capabilities of these vacuums, this is particularly useful.

With the 692, the handle is no longer necessary. The object will have to be picked up with both hands. Considering it would not be too big of a deal.

Roomba 692 has a slightly larger dustbin than Roomba 675. It will require less frequent emptying due to the larger dustbin of the 692. In between cleanings, you should empty your Roomba frequently if you are accustomed to doing so.

Both won’t let you know when they’re full and should be emptied. Higher-end robot vacuums come with full bin sensors.

In comparison, the Roomba 692 has a uniform grey finish covering the entire vacuum, as opposed to the Roomba 675 that has black with grey trim. Many people won’t care, but there are those who prefer one over the other.

Your buying decision will likely be influenced by this difference.

In this case, you will probably have a harder time finding a 675, because it is an older model. You can also get a great deal on these things if you shop around.

In addition, the 692 has a consistent price point, and it is a more modern Roomba. There are numerous places online where you can find the 692, so it’s a very convenient option.

There is one brush roller and one rubber roller on both Roombas 675 and 692. Cleanup is far easier with the rubber roller. A bristled roller, on the other hand, better deep cleans carpets.

Dirt and debris are picked up by both well enough. On carpeted or bare floors, the suction method is roughly the same, so performance is about the same.

Both models do not include virtual walls. Separately, you will need to purchase those items. They are both designed with affordability in mind. Virtual walls are included in Roombas that are higher in price.

Simply say: “Alexa, start Roomba”.  Roomba can be controlled by voice commands. On the 675 as well as the 692, this feature is available.

Voice controls can only be accessed, of course, with an Amazon Echo or Apple Siri-enabled device. Additionally, both models have WiFi connectivity as standard. 

Due to their budget nature, these models lack cameras and maps features.

This ensures that the cleaning power is distributed evenly across the room through the use of pseudo-random cleaning patterns.

It’s a bit less efficient, but it covers the entire room, even though it’s somewhat less efficient. 

Thus, the Roomba 675 and Roomba 692 differ and are similar in some ways.

Both will do the trick if you’re looking for a long-lasting Roomba that won’t break the bank. These models possess dual brush systems, which allow them to clean both carpets and bare floors effectively.

You can pick whichever one is cheaper if you still can’t decide which one to get.

Ultimately, that’s what you’re paying for: a durable, inexpensive Roomba that cleans well. And you’ll get exactly that no matter which model you decide to go with.


After all this going back and forth between Roomba 675 vs 692, it is safe to say that you can get either one of these and both will do the job just fine. Just make sure to buy only through the links we’ve provided of the official stores, otherwise, you may get something else instead of a Roomba vacuum cleaner. ????

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