Roomba 677 Review – Has a BIG problem!?

Here’s our Roomba 677 review for you.

You may be wondering what’s the problem with this Roomba 677 robot vacuum cleaner?

Actually it’s a problem for me personally. It is that it only has a 4-star rating! ????

However this may be irrelevant for you once you read the reviews and if you see the negative reviews are not relevant to you in any way. If that’s the case feel free to get the Roomba 677 robot vacuum cleaner.

Roomba 677 Review

You may not be a good fit for the Roomba 677. It will not provide you with the best cleaning performance or the latest in technology if you want to buy your first robot vacuum. You might not be able to use the 677 if your floors have thick carpeting.

It’s a great investment though if you already have a robot vacuum and need another one or if you have a finished basement that needs to be kept clean. You can maintain the cleanliness of floors in a variety of areas of your home that would otherwise require lots of vacuuming due to the value of the product.

As the robot uses various sensors to navigate your home it cleans and avoids obstacles until the battery needs to be recharged. A touch sensor or bump sensor and a drop sensor are the two primary sensors.

In order to avoid obstacles the robot uses bump sensors. Usually this is a wall or furniture leg. Ignore anything that passes such as curtains bed skirts etc. After the bump sensor is engaged the robot goes off in a new direction.

A drop sensor alerts the robot when it comes close to a drop. This is useful for stairs but can also prevent the robot from approaching a large threshold too high.

Additionally the robot has a large RCONN sensor. So that the robot knows where to dock this component detects the charging station’s signal beacon. The dual-mode virtual wall barrier also prevents the robot from passing through its beam.

The robot bumps into everything and it’s not the most elegant design. Nevertheless it does no damage and will not cause the robot to fall.

With its one-speed motor Roomba 677 doesn’t have carpet boost technology due to its first-generation motor. In addition to the side brush and extractor brush the vacuum cleaner is powered by approximately 950 pa of suction power to handle dirt dust and debris.

As a result side brushes throw debris around pretty quickly. However the vacuum eventually collects most of it. Side brushes can be used to clean baseboards and corners as well as the edges of the rooms.

Brush rollers consist of bristle brushes. As well as agitating the carpet there is a second rubber roller designed to help keep the bristles of the primary roller clean. By sweeping hard floors and loosening carpet debris the main roller cleans hard floors.

Since it doesn’t extend beyond the cage that holds the brushes the secondary roller does not agitate the carpet. The brush roller does avoid clogging with larger debris however.

Hard flooring is handled well by the main brush roller but carpeting is difficult. Carpets that have tight weaves and short fibers perform better. A Roomba 677 does an excellent job of cleaning low-pile carpets. High-pile and medium carpets can pose a problem however.

There are a lot of options available to you when it comes to controlling your website. You can control your device locally via your mobile app or by voice commands with wireless communications.

Simplicity is the hallmark of the local controls. First in its three options is clean which starts the cleaning cycle once you push the button. Also possible are spot cleanings and stopping cycles and returning the robot to the charging station using local controls.

You can employ iRobot skills and voice commands using devices that have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. As well their number is rather limited. Cleaning cycles can be started stopped paused and resumed or the robot can be instructed to return to its charging station. The schedule can also be edited or changed by asking Alexa.

Most of the controls can be found in the iRobot Home App. The control panel provides information on how long the last cycle ran for how much power is left in the battery and when the filter should be changed based on the dates estimated. A robot error code will be shown on the app if there is one.

With a control malfunction rate of fewer than 1 in 10000 Roomba’s mobile app is consistently rated best in the field for ease of use functionality and usability. A Roomba will work as far as the controls are concerned.

One of the earliest robot vacuums was the Roomba 677. According to modern standards there is a great deal of room for improvement. Although this is the case it remains a popular choice due to its simplicity ease of use and clean design.

If you’re looking for a second (or third) Roomba to clean your finished basement or another floor in your home the 677 is for you. For only a few hundred dollars more you can upgrade to a much newer (and better) model for first-time buyers looking to save a significant amount of money.

For apartments condos or small homes the Roomba 677 is an excellent beginner vacuum. You may not want to choose this option if you have a lot of available floor space. The robot however is also perfect for cleaning the basement or different floors of your home.

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