How to Fix Shark Vacuum Suction Noise?

The vacuum cleaners from Shark make a strange noise when they are sucking. A dirty filter or brush roll could be to blame. You can solve the suction noise problem easily by following these steps.

  • Make sure your vacuum is unplugged
  • Clean the dust cup of dirt and debris
  • Clean the filters with water after removing them
  • Make note of the airflow in the vacuum hose and of the handle as well as the wheel on the vacuum
  • Make sure the brush roll is free of debris and dirt.

To be sure that nothing on the shark vacuum is broken you should also check all the parts and accessories. Make sure there are no physical damages to the hose brush or other components.

The suction noise that you hear has been caused by dirt after following these processes. To ensure your shark vacuum has good suction you need to clean it.

If you want to go a bit more in-depth follow this procedure to fix the Shark vacuum suction noise.

Clean Your Shark Vacuum’s Filter

In terms of the main issues it’s a regular maintenance task to clean the filters.

Let’s start by removing the garbage can. We are interested in two points. A metal grate is located within the bin.

An old toothbrush or scrubby pad can be used to clean any dirt or debris around the metal grate.

After washing the second filter you can wash it again with warm water until the water runs clear. After setting and letting it dry you need to wait for it to dry for 24 hours.

The cotton filter is also included. Cotton filters should be cleaned if any dirt is present. The vacuum power may be reduced sometimes.

The unit also has a small air compressor which is used to clean the dirt because the HEPA filters are not washable. Extra dirt is simply removed by replacing the filter at a very cheap cost.

Clean Your Shark Vacuum’s Brush Roll

Brush rolls should be cleaned if they become dirty.

Vacuuming can be used to clean brush rolls. Vacuums with easy brush rolls are easy to remove. Vacuums with hard brushes are difficult. You can quickly remove this belt by unlocking the three plastic knobs.

This is not that easy to remove if you want to. You can do this if this is in your hands.

For cutting the hair strings and any other materials you can use scissors.

Make sure not to cut the brush bar bristles if you are using a razor blade on a particularly heavy item. Your brush bar is dirt-free after you pull it up.

This is actually a major problem for suction especially if you have hair and string covering up all of these brush areas. This restricts airflow and hampers the suction of the shark vacuum. Therefore brush bars need to be thoroughly cleaned.

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