Where to Store Vacuum in a Small Apartment? (6 Storage Ideas!)

Small apartments are easy to maintain and clean but they pose storage challenges.

Vacuum cleaners are essential even in small homes. Dedicated cleaning machines require a suitable storage space due to limited space.

Due to their low storage cost and versatility stick vacuum cleaners are a common vacuum cleaner choice for those who live in small apartments or homes.

6 Ideas for Storing Your Vacuum in a Small Apartment

Buying a Compact Vacuum Cleaner Is a Good Way to Prepare

It is important to buy the right vacuum cleaner model for your small apartment before you consider vacuum cleaner storage ideas. The obvious solution is to avoid bulky vacuums but what kinds of vacuums can really help you maximize the amount of space you have?

Your apartment is small enough not to require a heavy-duty unit from the get-go. In some cases you might be able to use a cordless handheld vacuum but robot vacuum cleaners are great if your home is small. Consider a slim profile stick vacuum instead.

Use Utility Closets to Store Your Vacuum

Hall closets laundry rooms and utility closets should never be underestimated! The next step is to clean every corner of your home once you have selected an ergonomic vacuum cleaner. The task of combating “dirty work” is usually left to them anyway.

For those living in duplexes the hall closet makes a great vacuum cleaner storage location. In the same way you can store your vacuum in any utility closet or laundry room. If you can’t reach the designated area easily then you should not put it there.

You Can Restyle Pantry and Store Vacuums

The pantry is also a good place to store your vacuum cleaner. Organizing your pantry may take some time but once you have a convenient place to store your vacuum you’ll be glad you did it.

If your apartment has a linen closet you can use it to store your vacuum. We recommend using the hidden spaces you already have just as we did with the utility closet.

Store Your Vacuum Under Your Bed

If you live in a minuscule studio apartment what better way to hide your vacuum than in your bed? Especially when you’re dealing with a daily space crunch the area under your bed is a great place for vacuum cleaners.

Buy a vacuum that’s not too thick and can be stored horizontally. Additionally installing bed risers can allow you to gain additional space under the bed. You should measure the height of your vacuum beforehand as they come in all shapes and sizes.

You Can Also Hang and Conceal Your Vacuum

A vertical storage option on the other hand is also available. It is a proven fact that going up will always save you space whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. It’s not the prettiest thing in the apartment to hang a vacuum cleaner. In that sense concealment is also important.

Create a wall-mounted area where you can hang your vacuum cleaner. Ensure the hooks you install for holding your vacuum are strong enough to support it. Hang a curtain a few inches from where you will place the vacuum. There you have it! 

Or Make Yourself a DIY Wooden Crate

Finally the last vacuum cleaner storage idea puts your creative abilities to the test. In the absence of much-hidden space you can construct your own. A wooden crate is a great DIY project for the weekend – set aside time for it.

Make sure the vacuum fits in the crate. Your apartment’s theme and your taste dictate how you decorate each side. You should place it facing the wall when you’re done. Using the top part after you have placed your vacuum inside you can store other items.

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