Where to Store Vacuum Cleaners? (11 Strange Ideas!)

Maybe in Your Kitchen?

You might be able to fit a vacuum into a tall cabinet since vacuums don’t take up much space. You get extra points if the hooks are mounted for hoses and attachments!

Try Your Garage Too!

Everything that doesn’t fit in the house finds a home in the garage; as long as your vacuum cleaner is near your house you can keep it there. It’ll get lost in the chaos if it doesn’t have its own designated space.

Or Maybe Your Laundry Room?

A mudroom is also an option. You can also store all the tools for cleaning in there even your vacuum cleaner.

Or Maybe in the Walls?

Right that’s correct! Do away with the traditional vacuum cleaner and use the walls or baseboards instead. Install a central vacuum that uses hoses that can be detached or retracted throughout the house or install a VacPan under each baseboard that will clean the dirt up.

Consider Installing Perforated Hardboard and Hooks

Perforated hardboard painted to match the surrounding environment can be installed in homes that have at least eight square feet of unused wall space. It provides versatile and efficient vacuum storage. Appliances as well as spare parts and accessories can be stored using heavy-duty hooks. Ideally wall-mounted systems like this should be installed in mudrooms oversized  bathrooms and laundry rooms.

An Ideal Preparation Is Buying a Compact Vacuum

Considering vacuum cleaner storage ideas is helpful but your apartment must first be suited to the type of vacuum you intend to use. If you want to maximize your room’s storage capacity avoid bulky vacuums as they take up a lot of space. What can you choose from different types of vacuums?

As a result you do not need a heavy-duty unit in your small apartment. Cordless handheld vacuums may be an option in some cases but robot vacuum cleaners are better for homes with limited space. Instead you may want to consider a slimline stick vacuum.

Store Your Vacuum in Utility Closets

Hall closets laundry rooms and utility rooms should never be underestimated! It is important to vacuum every corner of your home after you have chosen a vacuum cleaner that is ergonomic. It’s usually left to them to deal with “dirty work.”

A closet might be underused in your home whether for a broom utility or other purpose. Make use of it! Vacuums fit perfectly in awkward closets (like the one under the stairs that serves no purpose).

In duplexes a hall closet is a convenient place to store vacuum cleaners. Any utility closet or laundry room will work for storing your vacuum. You shouldn’t put something in an area that is hard to reach.

Pantry and Vacuum Cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners can also be stored in the pantry. Once you have a convenient storage space for your vacuum in your pantry it will be well worth your time.

It is possible to store your vacuum in a linen closet if you live in an apartment. Using hidden spaces that you already have can be an effective way of making use of your home.

Store That Thing Under Your Bed

Why not hide your vacuum cleaner under your bed when you live in a studio apartment? Under your bed is a great place to store vacuum cleaners spaces like these come in handy especially when you have a limited amount of space to work with.

A horizontally-storable vacuum would be less thick and able to be stored horizontally. Also bed risers will allow you to gain more space underneath the  bed. As vacuums come in a variety of sizes and shapes make sure you measure their height beforehand.

Or Hang and Conceal Your Vacuum?

As an alternative you can also store vertically. A building that is higher will always give you more space whether you are a landlord or a homeowner. I don’t like hanging a vacuum cleaner on the wall in my apartment. The concealment of one’s activities is equally important in this context.

Your vacuum cleaner can be hung on a wall. Make sure the hooks you install can hold your vacuum. Set your vacuum a couple of inches away from the curtain. There you go! 

There’s an Option of a Wooden Crate Too!

Your creativity is called upon once again in the last vacuum cleaner storage idea. You can build your own space if there is no hidden space. Plan a weekend project to build a wooden crate – it’s a perfect DIY project.

Inspect the vacuum to make sure it can fit in the crate. Each room in your apartment is decorated according to its theme and taste. After you have finished turn it so it faces the wall. It is possible to store other items in the top part once your vacuum is inside.

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